Green Vishnu DarshanGreenpath Yoga is a way of living which leads individuals and communities to a state of balance with the natural world and cosmos.

This way of living includes daily spiritual practice or “sadhana” which includes yoga asana, meditation, and a healthy plant based diet. This lifestyle includes sustainable methods and practices designed to keep human beings involved in a healthy relationship with all forms of life on Planet Earth. Organic farming, permaculture, sustainable forestry and other Earth friendly industrial practices are examples of this.

The Studio

In October 2001, Greenpath Yoga Studio opened its doors on Lombard Street in San Francisco, California. The studio was one of America’s first Green and Environmentally Friendly yoga studios.

Greenpath Studio was an inspiration with its progressive yoga programs, philosophies, events and authenticity. It’s use of Earth friendly construction materials, non toxic paint, bamboo flooring, recycled paper, and organic clothing was a living example of how to “Green your business.” Greenpath closed in November 2006. Clayton now travels and teaches internationally.

Green Yoga

In 2005, with the help of Laura Cornell, Greenpath teacher David Lurey and the help of many others, Greenpath Yoga Studio assisted in the formation of the Green Yoga Association. The GYA, with it’s philosophies and Studio Pilot Program headed by David Lurey, has helped and inspired many other studios and teachers around the world to become involved in spiritual activism and green businesses ethics and practices. (


The speed of the industrial and digital age has pushed the tempo of daily life to a stressful and toxic pace. This is causing large proportions of humanity to be out of balance with their essential nature and the natural environment. Suddenly, we find ourselves in a situation in which too many Earthlings and their leaders are not taking care of each other or our home planet. The health of our planet and future generations are neglected and forgotten in the race for momentary and monetary gain. This is the sadness of our time.



The term Greenpath was coined by Greensufi Tariq Hamid, my teacher and Friend for over 14 years.

He was a mystic and visionary who understood that the core of man’s suffering and “separation” was related to modern man’s disconnection between brain and body. Reestablishment of this connection is possible by tuning into the diurnal cycle of the Sun and Earth by sitting quietly in the early morning hours and quieting the mind as the rays of the Sun begin to appear on the horizon.

Resetting and establishing this connection between our brain and our body at this time of day also facilitates and deepens our ancient connection to the Earth and Sun, and the natural world. Latent and dormant parts of the human brain begin to awaken as well. This practice has the ability to raise our level of conscious energy while contributing to ones individual evolutionary process, health and general happiness. The “Internal Sunrise Meditation” can be practiced by anyone. This type of practice has been done at this time of day since time immemorial. For more information on this meditation, click here.  

What to do?

We Practice Daily

We Take Care of Each Other

We Respect the Earth

We Celebrate our Connection

Love is our Motivation

The Color

Green is the color of growth

Green is the color of the garden,

the jungle and forest.

Green is the color of my heart

See you on the path,