Some kind of Homecoming, Palawan Philippines January 2013

It may be the end of the Mayan Calendar, but it is the beginning of something new as far as I can see. Stopping in Palawan Philippines before my Winter Euro Tour was juicy to say the least. WIth the help of some great friends and synchronicity, I have built a little earth friendly cabin at Maia Earth Village just outside of Puerto Princessa, Palawan, […] Read more »

Arriving in Mysore, India

After a wonderful two weeks of teaching weeks in Cebu, Philippines and surfing in Siargao, Philippines, i have finally arrived in India. The instant sight of black and yellow rickshaw taxis and the smell of burning dung and exhaust is somehow comforting as I make the 4 hour taxi ride from the Bangalore airport to Mysore. On the taxi ride, my first cup of Indian […] Read more »