SEVA YATRA – Karma Yoga Pilgrimage

June 1, 2014 – June 10, 2014 all-day
Batug, Leyte Province, Philippines
Dulag, Leyte
200.php per day food cost, transportation not included
Clayton Horton and the Earth Village Project
SEVA YATRA – Karma Yoga Volunteer Pilgrimage:
June 1-10, 2014
Greenpath Yoga and Earth Village Project will travel to Batug for a Volunteer Pilgrimage involving a team of yogis, healers, artists and to bring music, healing arts, dance, theater, yoga, nutrition, building reconstruction and permaculture farming to the Leyte community of Batug.
This is Karma Yoga or selfless service (Seva).
Yatra is the Sanskrit word for Pilgrimage.
Volunteers will be emerged in daily Ashtanga yoga practice and volunteer work.
The focal point of the Seva Yatra will be to produce the Earth Village Pintakasi Festival, June 6-8.
Activities include:
Daily Yoga and Meditaion
Festival Preparation, making costumes, stage building, music rehearsing, etc.
Permaculture Home Gardening
Inner Dance
Healing Breathwork Therapy Sessions
Swimming in the River and Ocean
Collect Recycled Materials
Daily Yoga and Meditation
Breathwork Therapy
Music, Kirtan Chanting and Heartsongs
Mud House / Typhoon Proof House ConstructionSeva Yatra Price: 200.Pesos food cost per day
Housing / Camping: Bring your own tent or Home Stay
Cost of Home Stay is to be arranged with individual households.
Donations to the Earth Village Project will be accepted.
Become a Green & Gold Earth Village Member with Corporate / Business or Individual Sponsorship.
Sponsorship is encouraged, but not manditory for Seva Yatra Participants.
Suggested Sponsorship: “One Block Donation” of 4,500.php ($100.)
June 9 & 10 will be dedicated to Cleaning up, resting and departing.
Transportation costs are not included.
Guests will Fly or Bus into Tacloban City.
Batug is one hour south of the Tacloban airport.
For Registration and Information, please email
Earth Village Festival03


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